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Our vision is to a front runner organization in the field of specialized fabrication by providing innovative, safe, reliable, cost effective and world class services in the Middle East.

We are committed to develop a specialized fabrication facility and adhere to the international standards and procedures to meet the customer requirements.

We aim to achieve this through
By committing to metallurgical expertise, quality control & inspection necessary to carry out UT, MPI, PT & RT (Interpretation) for customers specific applications. We are equipped with the team of qualified persons, professional engineers & certified welding inspectors to look after customers demands and requirements in the above fields.

Our company has approved for ISO 9001:2008certification by Guardian Independent
Certification Ltd. UK.

Total Customers Satisfaction
Continuous improvement in long term relationship is considered as an investment towards the common goal of total customer satisfaction. Frequently interactions are aimed at understanding internal and external customer needs and measurement of customer satisfaction levels.

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