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Trend Industries FZC shall strive to achieve a reputation in the market through quality, supply, timely and prompt delivery of products, so as to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.

The quality policy is achieved through the following

  • Provide products that comply with the agreed specification, standards and statutory and regulatory requirements.

  • Upgrade Business processes in the organization to progress towards Total Quality Management.

  • Execute all contracts and sales orders with economic and timely activity, without compromising Quality of the product.

  • Strive for continual improvement in all areas.

  • Meet U.A.E. Statutory and Regulatory requirements.

Quality Objective

  • Systematic control of our processes and activities to meet customer requirements.

  • Utilization of well managed resources and improve the working processes.

  • Adhere to delivery schedule.

  • Meet product standards and specifications.

  • Provide training to employees on 5S and Kaizen.

  • Meet U.A.E. Statutory and Regulatory requirements.


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